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We understand that buying a home can be overwhelming, and with all the information available on the Internet, we know that searching for your first or next home can be overwhelming, too.

We want to help you have the best and most stress-free home search experience possible, so we have put together this page to help guide you through the process.

Here we've compiled handful of blog posts to help you find the perfect Brevard home with quick and easy illustrated how-to's for new and returning users.

1. Navigating the Search Basics

2. Using the Polygon and Radius Tools: Map Search Basics

3. Save time by saving a search to receive new listings via e-mail first: Creating and Editing Saved Searches

4. For Returning Users: Dashboard Basics

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Dashboard Basics

If you aren't registered, that's okay. It's free!

You can register here:

To access your dashboard, first Login:

You can bookmark your dashboard at this URL:

Now, onto the basics!

This is what the dashboard looks like (minus the blue arrows and additional handy notes!):

Along the top left you have Dashboard; My Preferences; My Messages; and Saved Searches.

At the top right you can see Sign Out and Close (you will only see the Close option if you are in the pop-up version of the dashboard).

My Favorite Listings

In the dashboard itself, My Favorite Listings will be shown across the

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Here are some tips and hints for using the Search By Map function on our site.

NOTE:  You can right-click and View Image to see larger versions of the screenshots below.

Step 1 — Login:

Step 1 — Go to Search By Map:

By default, the Map Search will search pre-selected areas of Brevard, plus ALL types of properties with 2+ bedrooms, 1+ baths, and $75,000+.
To learn how to refine these options to suit your preferences AND to get the best results, see Search Basics For Find Brevard Homes.

Map Basics

Here are the main functions on the Map Search and what they do:

The Map | Satellite buttons on the upper right-hand corner of the map change the map to a classic or…
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Now that you have created your basic search, looked at resulting properties, and refined your search to match your preferences, it's time to save your search.

NOTE:  You can also save a Map Search!

Click the blue Save Search button.

A dialog box will pop up so you can name your search and set the e-mail frequency for which you will receive results.
By default, the Search Title will list the type of property, area/city, and the price range you have chosen. Feel free to edit the title to your needs.

E-mail Frequency can be set to Never, Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Make sure the Days on Market matches the E-mail Frequency.

When creating a saved search, it is important to keep in mind the relation between the Days on Market and the E-mail Frequency with

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There are numerous ways to search for properties and homes on our site, and here we will go over the basics.

Step 1 — Login:

Step 2 — Go to Search Listings:

Step 3 — Input your preferences (detailed how-to is below).

Step 4 — Make sure you click the big, blue Refine Search button. Doing so will narrow your search according to your preferences and show you only the properties available based on that.

Find YOUR Brevard Home

Choosing Where To Search
NOTE: When choosing where to search, USE ONE option only.

Either choose location OR address OR area OR subdivision OR city. Do NOT use multiple options or this will greatly affect your results and you will likely
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