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A baby loggerhead turtle (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Every year from early March through the end of October, Brevard County becomes the home of hundreds of nesting sea turtles. Green, leatherback and loggerhead turtles emerge from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and converge upon Space Coast beaches. They dig deep to lay more than 100 eggs at a time (called a clutch). They return numerous times to lay more clutches throughout the season. After 45 to 70 days, hatchlings make a mad dash for the ocean — but usually only at night.

Beginning May 1, bright lights, cameras, flashes and most artificial lighting is prohibited on most local beaches due to the nesting and hatching season. Artificial lighting discourages mother turtles from nesting, and it

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We understand that buying a home can be overwhelming, and with all the information available on the Internet, we know that searching for your first or next home can be overwhelming, too. We want to help you have the best and most stress-free home search experience possible, so we have put together this page to help guide you through the process.

Step One:  Register

Why? Registering enables you to SAVE your searches so you don't have to input your preferences every. single. time. By registering you can also SAVE FAVORITES by clicking the star button in the lower right-hand corner of a property's photo on the results page, or by clicking the Add to Favorites button when viewing a property's details. This is particularly awesome as there are over…
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July 8, 2011 marked the final space shuttle launch in NASA's history with the launch of Shuttle Atlantis (see below for a video of the launch). Today, Atlantis is being readied for its new mission at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Merritt Island, just west of Cape Canaveral. The new exhibit, called Space Shuttle Atlantis, will open June 29, 2013. It will offer those who visit the Space Coast the chance to get up close to a piece of American history.

Located in the Shuttle Plaza next to the existing Shuttle Launch Experience at the visitor center, the six-story facility will offer visitors a one-of-a-kind experience from the moment they step inside ... They will walk beneath a full-size replica space shuttle external tank flanked by two solid…
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Last week, the world learned that attackers were breaking into computers using a previously undocumented security hole in Java, a program that is installed on an estimated 850 million computers worldwide.

You must take steps to protect your computer.

We will go over some of the most frequently asked questions about the vulnerability, and outline simple steps that users can take to protect themselves.

Most of this info is culled from a posted at

Q: What is Java, anyway?
A: Java is a programming language and computing platform that powers programs including utilities, games, and business applications.

Q: So what is all the fuss about?
A: Researchers have

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Over half a million people call Brevard County, Florida home. It's no wonder that we do, with sub-tropical weather, gorgeous tropical landscapes, beaches, and the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon as our backyards. Living in a sub-tropical climate rich in history and environmental diversity are just two perks living here. Have a bad day? Jog to the beach and watch or catch the waves for a while. Hop in a kayak and meander down the Banana River, Indian River, Syke's Creek or through the many canals and streams.

It's easy to get lost in nature here. You're never more than a few minutes from the beach or a park or the Indian River Lagoon. And you're never far from the vast plant, animal and marine life which call this county home, too. Many

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In-depth questions about whether a homeowner can, or should, consider selling their home as a short sale or allowing foreclosure are way too complicated to address in a blog post. If you are a homeowner considering one of these types of scenarios, please call Jeff Beck toll-free at 866-729-8885 or 321-722-9906 (local) to arrange an appointment and speak with him in person.

What is a short sale?

A short sale is any real estate sale where the proceeds due to the seller at closing will be insufficient to cover the amount owed, plus closing costs and commissions. With a short sale, the lender agrees to accept less than what is actually owed on the mortgage to facilitate the sale of the home.

A short sale is basically a three-part process:

1. Prospective…
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The Associated Press recently reported that short sales — a home sale that occurs when the lender agrees to accept less than what is owed on the mortgage — are on the rise nationally while bank-owned home sales (foreclosures) are not selling as quickly (click here for full article). Twenty-two percent more short sales have closed so far this year compared to 2011. This increase in short sales is not just a national trend, but a local one as well.

In Brevard County in 2010, 20 percent of home sales were short sales, and 29 percent were bank-owned. In 2011, the percentage of short sales and bank-owned sales in Brevard was nearly the same, at 24 and 23 percent respectively. But so far this year, 33 percent more short sales have closed than foreclosures, a…
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There is no better time to buy in Brevard County than now. Home prices here the lowest they have been in a DECADE — AND interest rates have hit RECORD LOWS. The average 30 year mortgage rate in July 2006 peaked at 6.8%. Recently, rates were actually under 3.2% percent. That's a 50+ percent drop in rate from 2006.

In November 2005, the average home sale price in Brevard was $271,000. But by November 2012, the average price dropped 43 percent to just $157,500. But as you can see, home prices are starting to rise.

When you combine the overall drops in interest rate and home prices, the OPPORTUNITY becomes clear. The average Brevard home, purchased in 2005 (with 10% down/30 year mortgage) had a principal and interest payment (P & I) of $1,399 per month.

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The canal at Cinnamon Court in Satellite Beach, Florida

Brevard County is a unique, beautiful and amazing place to live. If you've never been here, come visit! We put this blog together for people new to the Brevard County area, and for those who are thinking of purchasing a home here. If you have questions or want to learn more, give us a call at 321-727-7722 and we'll be happy to get you the information you need.


Home to Kennedy Space Center and the busiest cruise port in the world (Port Canaveral), Brevard County, Florida is located halfway between Jacksonville and Miami. It is just 35 miles east of Orlando — Orlando International Airport and all of the city's attractions, including Disney, are less than an hour away. In addition,

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